Virtual Reality brings a fresh way to engage users at Nortek’s product launch

a man in a black shirt is using a virtual device

The Challenge

How do you thrill customers with an immersive real-life experience using a security access control product in a tradeshow booth?

DDSTUDIO collaborated with Nortek Security to completely redesign their new e3 Tele Entry Access Control System delivering a physical and digital access control experience for a new generation of users.

Listen to the design team share their stories about the project.

Creating a Real-Life Immersive Tradeshow Experience

With growing excitement to launch the product at an international Industry event in Las Vegas, Nortek presented us with the challenge of designing a real-life immersive experience in their booth that illustrates the product’s ease of use, intuitive interface in a fresh and exciting fashion.

Our vision is to make security systems easier to install and use. BluePass addresses the top priorities for businesses looking to update their physical access control systems. Similarly, the e3 Tele Entry user experience has been streamlined making it more like using a smartphone,” said John LaFond, VP, Integrated Systems Product Management at Nortek Security & Control in the recent press release.

The Answer: Virtual Reality Shield!

We wanted to simulate the human experience of access control on the tradeshow floor, so we reimagined the tradeshow booth with this goal in mind. Our team had been testing Virtual Reality and thought that it might be the right answer.  But we needed to make it as real as possible, and not just a “game”. The result achieved our vision!

LINEAR e3 Tele Entry access control system, Beauty of a Beast

The Nortek clients and other attendees enjoyed an entertaining virtual reality simulation which was deemed a highlight of the show.

Working with the Nortek Security Control product and marketing teams, we used VR to showcase the product through an immersive user experience.

Because the product had been designed with today’s mobile and social user in mind, we wanted to help Nortek express the Human Centered Design aspects of the new product design. VR let us showcase the new product in context and simulated alternative scenarios to make it pulse with tangible fun.

One scene was a literal experience typical of the entrance to a suburban gated community

The New Demo – in Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality experience in Nortek’s booth was a win-win for visitors and for the exhibitor.  They were able to maximize attendance and impact in a relatively small exhibit space with careful planning and by  generating an exiting hum of rolling buzz. Nortek set the bar high by giving an immersive experience in their booth and was the only company at that event to use VR for showcasing a new  product across an immersive visual storytelling landscape. .

Because it drew a curious crowd who wanted to try out VR, Nortek was able to get a strong sampling of interest, gauge the interaction, and get immediate feedback from a large audience.

Nortek sent invites and did PR around their event and gained additional momentum and interest by word of mouth,  as attendees shared how much fun it was to participate in the virtual reality experience that included a virtual encounter with Oprah and Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonators.  As word got around, it became a “must see” on the show floor.

Customers were then transported to the interior of a futuristic city that opened blast doors into a view of the SciFi scene on the water from the glass elevator, which ultimately transported the visitor up for the finale.

The VR Experience that Nortel demonstrated at ISC West provided a truly unique and immersive experience. In a show environment, with so many products and brands inundating show attendees with more of the same, Nortek set themselves above all others,” said Randy Hamilton VP Operations at Universal Surveillance Systems

CONGRATULATIONS TO NORTEK SECURITY for the Successful Launch of the LINEAR – e3 Tele Entry Access Control System!