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SAN DIEGO (June 16) – DDSTUDIO, Southern California’s premier product design and development firm for 30 years, is pleased to announce that David Glazier has been appointed Director of UX Design and Strategy. Glazier is a user experience expert who has worked for top brands including IDEO, Intuit and Fuseproject.

“David’s passion for human centered design, sound and art, has given him a uniquely broad perspective on the importance of applied strategy. His experience across diverse industries has cultivated a skillset that speaks to the many nuances of the user experience, “ said Founder and CEO Charles Curbbun. “We are excited to have David join our team to help shape how we deliver innovative and thoughtful human centered products.”

Previously Glazier was senior interaction designer at Inuit, and held positions in UX strategy and sound design for IDEO, Fuseproject, Google Creative Lab, OUYA and Razorfish. David is an avid cyclist and lives in La Jolla with his wife and young daughter.