DDSTUDIO’s resident musicians perform at Y-Conference

AIGA Y Conference Super Luminaries

Once a year, AIGA’s Y-Conference brings together forward-thinkers from across various design disciplines to inspire and motivate each other. With the University of San Diego as a backdrop and thought leaders from all over conducting intimate “thinkshops,” the Y-Conference combines world-class workshops and keynotes with an innovative and stimulating atmosphere.

The highlight of this year’s conference was a presentation by prolific designer Karim Rashid. With over 3,000 products and hundreds of accolades to his name, he has explored multiple facets of design and maintains a perspective unique to someone with his massive amount of experience. He used his time to speak to how design effects our daily lives and how he designs from a selfless place–his work is purely for the experience of others.

To maintain that inspired environment during the after party, AIGA provided some awesome entertainment. During Friday’s reception at USD’s Garden by the Sea, DDSTUDIO’s Matt and Deni performed with their indie rock band, The Super Luminaries.