DDSTUDIO’s design for iLux® wins Gold MDEA

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Tear Film Innovations’ iLux® Dry Eye Treatment System fits in the palm of the hand and has a simple user interface, allowing patients to be treated effectively in a medical office

 CARLSBAD – DDSTUDIO, a human-centered design firm in Southern California, today announced it has been awarded a gold 2019 Medical Design Excellence Award for iLux® Dry Eye Treatment System. The award recognizes product design and engineering that improves the quality of health care delivery and accessibility. Winners of the MDEA were announced during an awards reception at the annual MD&M East Conference in New York City on June 11.

The visually striking iLux system is designed to fit in the palm of an eye care professional’s (ECP) hand and uses light-based heat energy to provide both physicians and patients with a quick, easy and affordable treatment for a prevalent form of dry eye known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).  More than 100 million people worldwide are afflicted with MGD, a painful condition that erodes one of the three tear films protecting the eye.

“It’s great to receive recognition for this human-centered bridge to a new and enabling technology,” said DDSTUDIO CEO Charles Curbbun. “Our client, Tear Film Innovations, embraced ergonomic design and high image throughout the development process. The iLux becomes an extension of the ECP’s hand, allowing full focus to be directed on treating the patient’s dry eye,” Curbbun said.

The elegant, reduced-sculptural look of iLux is paired with an uncomplicated user interface.

Tear Film enlisted DDSTUDIO to design a product that would be delightful at every touch point, from out of the box, to set up, treatment, charging and cleaning. The project included development of the product’s visual brand language.

DDSTUDIO’s design team incorporated input from ECPs and patients to develop a first-of-its-kind solution: A handheld device with an integrated magnifying lens, one-button control of heating and compression and a removable-tip applicator.

The device’s simple lines are maintained with smooth and seamless transitions across materials. The illuminated magnifying lens that is integrated into the handpiece allows an ECP to view and treat the tiny glands that line the patient’s eyelids.

DDSTUDIO’s work has been repeatedly recognized with MDEA awards, including a record three awards in 2018.