DDSTUDIO Congratulates Sotera Wireless: MD+DI Manufacturer of the Year 2012

a close up of an electronic device with buttons

Congratulations to Sotera Wireless on their well-deserved recognition as MD+DI Manufacturer of the Year!

The FDA approved ViSi Mobile wireless vital sign monitoring system is ushering the medical industry into the digital age. Sotera is affecting this major change with technologies and experiences designed to cut healthcare costs and improve current standards of care, outcomes, and efficiency.

Sotera obviously has brilliant technology and engineering behind ViSi Mobile, a platform that represents a new standard of care in patient monitoring. Instead of wheeling around a large cart to spot-check patients for blood pressure and other vital signs, a patient wears the credit-card sized ViSi Mobile on their wrist, and is constantly monitored. This allows healthcare workers to obtain comprehensive vital signs and respond to changes much faster.

This brilliant, potentially life-saving technology wouldn’t work if nurses didn’t find it easy to use, easy to read, and easy to integrate into their workday. Users and context are the areas DDSTUDIO always covers. In designing this product, we sought feedback from the user/nurse/caregiver from the beginning. We followed the nurses and watched how they preferred to use the device with iterative tangible prototypes. The graphical user interface was designed in a way that was intuitive and easy to read, so the nurses felt like the device actually improved their day.

A lot of thought and development was focused on materials that would provide durability, visual clarity and would survive hospital conditions.  We worked with Eastman and Phillips Plastics to develop an integrated solution.

Of course, we always think about the future. Sotera’s plan includes adding additional applications to the system. We designed for easy upgrades within a visual brand language that would allow future generations of products to be identified as uniquely Sotera–an iconic and holistic image.

We love partnering with companies that understand how design adds value by turning brilliant technology into positive experiences for users. That definitely describes Sotera. They made us feel like a valued partner from the beginning, and that makes us all the more thrilled for their success and recognition.