American Bike Month

a group of people riding bikes down a street

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” -H. G. Wells

May is American Bike Month, and since we have a studio laden with bicycle enthusiasts we felt it was right to honor the hard work they have put into their two-wheeled chariots of awesomeness.

Industrial design maven, Matt, started with an early 80’s red fuji frame that was stripped down and repainted. He tried to preserve what parts he could, so, plenty of polishing! Wheels were put together courtesy of DD’s wise engineer, Dale. He then threw in a two speed hub to keep it clean and free of shifters and cables. To finish it off, he added a classic Brooks saddle with copper accents.


Deni, our user interaction and experience master, started out with the pre-war bare bones of a CWC (Chicago Welding Works) frame from 1930’s, with a few other pieces from the 1950’s (like a nice Springer front fork). He enlisted the help of DD’s model maker, Josh, to take the bike completely apart and strip the frame. Josh worked his paint magic with 3 coats each of paint and clear to get it to the perfect forest green. The rest was easy–just adding pieces here and there.

Many a gorgeous San Diego day you can catch the DD team riding our bikes around Carlsbad to grab lunch, hang out, and take in the sun.

This month, we encourage you to hop on your bike and explore your surroundings. Grab a friend, get out there, and enjoy the day! There are many benefits to cycling; besides the cardiovascular workout, it also reduces stress, improves coordination, eats up calories, and improves heart health. It also is the most energy efficient form of transportation out there, having virtually no carbon footprint.

We’d love to see photos of your velocipedic adventures–post them to our Facebook page or send us a link on Twitter!