BioXP 3200 System, Orison Tower and Panel, and Hoist Mi6 Home Gym Selected for Design Excellence

SAN DIEGO (15 December 2016) – San Diego Experience Design firm DDSTUDIO has been recognized by GOOD DESIGN® for design excellence that goes beyond the product by looking at the human experience. Three innovations representing a diverse community were each awarded a 2016 GOOD DESIGN® Award: SGI-DNA’s BioXP 3200 System, Orison Tower and Orison Panel, and the Hoist Mi6 Home Gym.

The GOOD DESIGN Awards showcase the Experience Design process applied to each DDSTUDIO collaboration that puts the human experience front and center. DDSTUDIO approaches each client challenge from the ground, applying tools from Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up techniques to quickly originate concepts, user-test, iterate and refine. The DDSTUDIO process reveals human behavior and emotion then integrates context and workflow into the product/service journey to create outstanding experiences.

“We have the best jobs in the world. Each day we get to bring our clients’ visions and dreams to life,” says Charles Curbbun, Chief. “We are honored that these three projects have been recognized by GOOD DESIGN. Each represents a best-in-class solution for its category.”

The Winning Designs

Synthetic Genomics BioXp™ 3200 System


Synthetic Genomics commercialized DNA division sought to democratize the gene assembly process, allowing labs to build their own genes de novo in-house. The ground-breaking result was the BioXp™ 3200 System, the world’s first DNA printer, a machine allowing any biotechnology company or academic laboratory to create genes on their benchtop hands-free, starting with electronically transmitted sequence data. Read more about this award.

Orison Energy’s Tower and Panel




Orison Energy’s Tower and Panel Store energy and intelligently power a home or business with the first ever plug-and-play solution. Whether energy comes from the grid or solar, users can control when to store it and when to use it. Orison Founder and CEO Eric Clifton was keenly focused on the human aspect for his revolutionary battery energy storage solution and asked DDSTUDIO to help him bring that vision to life. The result is the first home battery system that simply plugs in and stores energy that can be used later for less cost. Read more about this award.

Hoist Mi6 Home Gym


Hoist and DDSTUDIO have collaborated on many commercial and consumer fitness products for more than 15 years. The Hoist Mi6 Home Gym, represents the innovation excellence, aesthetic appeal and quality that today’s consumers demand for in-home products. This gym provides a complete range of functional training exercises designed to obtain maximum results and achieve a strong and versatile body. The Mi6 is engineered to build multiple muscle groups through smooth, rhythmic, and continuous movements that support the body as it moves through life. Read more about this award.

About the GOOD DESIGN Awards

Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN® remains the oldest, prestigious, and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

“This year’s historic 66th Good Design program,” states Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum, “recognizes the work of thousands of designers and manufacturers worldwide who have successfully undertaken the design challenge to produce the best and most outstanding design products across the globe to our large and expanding global consumers. GOOD DESIGN represents the world’s critical mass of the design and manufacturing industry representing the best consumer design ranging from the ‘spoon to the city’.”

GOOD DESIGN is presented by The Chicago Athenaeum, together with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies as the foremost program that honor and recognizes the best design talent and the best manufacturing worldwide.

Winning products and graphics for 2016 can be viewed at the Museum’s website at and