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When you walk into DDSTUDIO, one of the first things you encounter is our library. Our collection has been curated for over 25 years, and contains everything from Isamu Noguchi Sculptural Design to a book solely dedicated to fountain pens. With the holidays upon us, we asked our designers to share their favorite book from our collection or their own–hopefully we can help inspire a gift idea or stocking stuffer for the designophile in your life!

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In a knowledge-based economy, I’d expect to see and hear a lot about thinking, and how thoughts are being translated into actions that deliver business results. Yet relatively little thinking seems to be going on.

This makes no sense. Knowledge workers are paid to think, so why aren’t more of them thinking more of the time? Lots of people are analyzing data, then acting on the results. Nothing wrong with that, right? Yet surprisingly often, there’s little or no thought going into what the data represents: are we measuring what we should measure, so we can learn something about the problem we need to solve? Or are we merely looking at what we can measure? Are we interpreting objectively, or looking for what we want to find?

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Congratulations to Independa on their CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Award for Integrated CloudCare! DDSTUDIO worked with Independa on the user interface for Angela, a part of CloudCare that allows seniors to stay socially engaged while receiving medication reminders, appointment notices, and more. Check out the video below of Independa’s Dan Chavez speaking to the importance of an intuitive user interface and DDSTUDIO’s role in the development of Angela.

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Bradley Fikes of the UT San Diego recently stopped by DDSTUDIO to talk to Chief Charles Curbbun about our design process–check out his article here!